Thursday, 22 August 2013

Trail Runners wade through the Black Diamond Night Run

Trail Runners wade through the Black Diamond Night Run

Torrential downpours, winds gusting to 100km/h and a tent evacuation! This is what greeted 94 hardcore night runners who braved the elements and arrived at the Gravity Adventure Festival presented by Merrell for the Black Diamond Night Run on Friday evening. For safety reasons, the 8km event was downgraded to join the 4km event, which was then neutralized to stop the runners speeding through the treacherous conditions. 

Runners came across the finish line cold and drenched but exhilarated! "What an adventure" some said. "Are we nuts?" Was the common thread by most. "Crazy" was a word used by all. Unbeknown to the race organizers the river had risen over 1.5m in the two hours before the run and completely covered the trail, resulting in the runners needing to wade chest deep in water for 15m.  True trail running!

Well done to those seriously hard-core trail runners who came despite the harsh conditions. Inspirational! Huge thanks must go to Le RĂªve restaurant, Kleinmond for hosting the prize giving at the last moment and just making it happen. 

To the event sponsors: Black Diamond, Vitamin Water, Glider and Merrell, thank you for your continued support. 

See photos & results on the Gravity Adventure Festival FB page and feel free to tag and comment as you check them out.