Friday, 22 July 2011

Lyon Tours & Safaris / ...your local connection

We are your local connection in Port Elizabeth and Addo in the Eastern Cape!  

Meet Neil Lyon and the energetic team at Lyon Tours & Safaris, your local connection in Port Elizabeth and Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa! 

Lyon Tours & Safaris is a dream fulfilled after many years of careful planning and research. We are a young company based in East London, South Africa and have been in operation since 2007. Because we are local, we have comprehensive knowledge of not only Port Elizabeth and Addo, but the entire country of South Africa, particularly the Eastern Cape. Our experienced team of professionals working on the ground specialise in the Eastern Cape, offering wildlife safaris and various customised itineraries throughout Southern Africa. We also offer self-drive and guided itineraries to most sectors of the tourism industry. We utilise sustainable products while trying to create awareness of socio-economic issues and achieve this by offering our clients the opportunity to experience cultural tours in our local villages and townships. 

"One can find the world in the Eastern Cape and yet, you will not find another Eastern Cape in the world."

We are flexible and able to personalise any safari or tour for individuals as well as groups or customise any itinerary to suit our clients' desires. Our goal is to promote eco and adventure Cape tours in a professional and responsible manner. Lyon Tours & Safaris strongly believe in the importance of preserving South Africa's unique and diverse natural environment. We are most passionate about conservation in the Eastern Cape, such as efforts and achievements made in Addo National Park, in addition to the huge potential to relieve poverty by creating opportunity through tourism. 

As a company, we strive to promote sustainable tourism establishments by recommending them to our clients. We try to utilise local underprivileged communities to make promotional materials for us, which we give to our clients as a gift from the Eastern Cape. Our medium-term goal is to get involved with a local village and to build schools and clinics for them and encourage responsible interaction with tourists in order to directly benefit the villagers. 

"The earth was created pure, peaceful and unspoilt and to provide all life with the necessary resources to survive and thrive. It is right that we give back to our communities and environments, and look after our amazing world." 

Meet the Team 

Neil Lyon, originally from the Eastern Freestate, was drawn to the Eastern Cape by its natural, unspoilt beauty coupled with its vast beaches, diverse biomes and animal species. He became interested in animals at a young age which evolved into studying Game Ranging and Ranch Management. Neil has since realised that to produce a safe haven for animals one must create awareness around this issue, which he believes is the key to aiding in species surviving alongside human populations, and human populations thus protecting the natural environment because it is appealing for tourism and betterment.  

"By learning this, we have realised that in creating awareness through travel and tourism, we can help benefit local communities and create enhancement programmes for these communities. This in turn, helps conservation throughout the communities, protecting our natural and cultural heritage."

Neil has always had a love for travelling and was attracted to the tourism industry because he wanted to entice people from all over the world to come to South Africa. Neil has a strong desire to show people what we, in the Eastern Cape, have to offer and the incredible potential of the province. 

Aside from his love of nature, Neil is proud of the Eastern Cape's history as well  as the emergence of political heroes from the Eastern Cape including Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Steve Biko to name a few. He enjoys family time    and when he's not busy working participates in various sports such as fishing, golf and squash and watches cricket and rugby. He loves the outdoors and interacting with the environment, particularly viewing how different species interact with one another. Neil also takes pleasure in birding. 

"We are very positive and excited about our partnership with and are looking forward to having an extremely successful website. It is great to know that is passionate about sustainable development and we hope, together with, to improve the lives of some of the underprivileged individuals in the Eastern Cape."

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